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Morso Forno Ultimate Terrace Package

Price: 1,899.00 (Including VAT at 20%)   Free Delivery


Morso Forno Ultimate Terrace Package

The ultimate Morso Forno set for the summer, includes the following items:
Forno Outdoor OvenSmall Outdoor TableTuscan GrillAsh ScraperGrill CocottePizza PeelForno CoverChimney PipeForno DoorPair of Leather Gloves,  3 Sacks of Kindling, 3 Sacks of Kiln Dried Logs and a Cook Book

These items if bought separately would have a total value of over 2,260... this equals a saving of over 360!!

Contact us to arrange your delivery date within 3-5 working days!


Forno Oven:
= 750mm
H = 620mm

Outdoor Table:
H = 800mm
W = 600mm
L = 600mm