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Morso Forno Garden Set

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Morso Forno Garden Set

Versatile cooking with Morso Forno - everything from juicy T-bone steaks, smoked salmon, homemade pizza with a crispy base or delicious lamb shank. A Morso Forno Outdoor Oven on a Large Table (120 x 60 cm) that provides a preparation area as well as the ability to move around the table on your terrace. Here there is plenty of room for the decorative wood so that it is always close at hand. When the food is done - move the Forno closer so its warmth and decorative flames create a natural focal point for the beautiful summer evening.
The Forno Garden Set includes the following Morso products:Forno Outdoor Oven, Large Outdoor Table, Tuscan Grill, Ash Scraper, 3 Sacks of Kindling

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Forno Oven:
= 750mm
H = 620mm

Outdoor Table:
H = 800mm
W = 600mm
L = 1200mm